A static website is the easiest way to achieve online presence for your products or services.

Static Website Design is a simple web designing solution offered by Slash. The design should be compatible with W3C standard as well as appear appealing to the visitors to get converted into prospective customers. A perfect combination of these two features of Static Web Design is a path to online success.

Slash creates excellent designs which are cost effective. A static web site is suitable where updating of products or services is not required. Static website designs are browser friendly and easy to navigate.

Slash offers efficient static web designing services across the globe. Before designing, our web designers try to understand the client’s requirement via analyzing and designing a proper layout which translates the vision of the company in the most appropriate manner.

Static Website Designing pages basically include a combination of content and code. Therefore, static pages are more expensive to maintain but are easily optimized for search engines. Static Website Designing is suitable for the clients who just need web presence for their services / products, but for businesses that undergo change regularly should opt for a better option of Dynamic Website Design like a Content Management System (WordPress).

Static Website Designing & corporate website designing are packages for sole proprietor and MNC’s who would just want to share straightforward information about their organization or company through the Internet world. Static Websites are designed and optimized for downloadable graphics, browser compatibility and easy navigation.

We Also Do

What is Included?

Eye-catching Visual Design

Highly stunning visual designs that not only attract the maximum viewers but also give them a reason to stay there and keep on browsing.

Responsive Design

Responsive designs to reach out the wide audience. We make sure that your website is not only compatible with the different devices but also loads fast as per users' expectations.

Clear Calls-to-Actions

Clear calls-to-action to address visitors' problems. Rather than focusing on the sales, we create relevant calls-to-action that boost up engagement with the customers.

Social Media Integrations

Understanding the importance of social media integrations, we create pages in such a way that the content would be easily shared on different social media platforms, for effective brand building and for maximizing your reach.